This Week in Photo – Behind the Shot – The Angel Gabriel

The Angel Gabriel with Cole Thompson – BtS 15

2 Responses to “This Week in Photo – Behind the Shot – The Angel Gabriel”

  • Steve L Says:

    Never heard of that podcast before! I subscribed and I’m gonna listen to your interview later today.

  • Roger Says:

    I’m familiar with much of what is revealed in the interview through your posts here but still found it fascinating and enjoyable. I’ve already passed it on to others. I do tend to agree with the interviewer about asking about the exif data because as a beginner it helps in accelerating understanding. I definitely wanted to know f-stop and shutter speed (maybe even lens sometimes) when I started 10 years ago. Perhaps somewhat analogous to your fairly recent search for the Canon model with the least noise, albeit a more advance technical concern than aperture and shutter speed.

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