“You Must Have A Terrific Stove.”

2008-12-10 Death Valley Dune - Final 7-7-2011 750

“A photographer went to a socialite party in New York.  As he entered the front door, the host said ‘I love your pictures – they’re wonderful; you must have a fantastic camera.’ 
He said nothing until dinner was finished, then:
‘That was a wonderful dinner; you must have a terrific Stove.'” 
Sam Haskins

18 Responses to ““You Must Have A Terrific Stove.””

  • Merrill Thomas Says:

    Ya, what kind of camera do you have anyway? (ha)

    Great image. Looking forward to meeting you next week in the desert and learning from you.

  • Jim Robertson Says:

    Indeed. I haven’t produced much work lately that I like but I’m not blaming my camera. Although, there is a lens or two I’d like that might provide some inspiration. 😉

    Keep on cooking, Cole!

  • Sam Blair Says:

    Nice image, as usual, Cole.

    The image prompted a question I’ve wondered about. For dune shots, is there a clone tool or any tool you’ve used to eliminate foot prints, tire marks, etc,? Or, is the best tool still an alarm clock, to get there first?

  • John Barclay Says:

    Killer DV shot! CAN’T WAIT! So what are you suggesting with that quote… that all of my shiny new gear is worthless? Dang…

  • eremophila Says:

    An image like this tells me once again, why I love black and white.

  • vered Says:

    I have just had, one of the best laugh I have had for a long long time!!!!!!!!!!
    Does this incapsulate our long conversations about Art, Photography and the equipment you use, or what?????
    Your photos, especially the one on top of this page, is just absolutely incredible!!!!!!!!!
    It is what YOU see and what YOU capture because it is what YOU feel and express. Not your camera!!!!!!!!
    When will people understand that!!!!!!!!!

  • Misha Says:

    Such a great quote, love it!

  • Laird Says:

    This is something I tend to rail about, especially when asked the question we all get asked… what kind of camera do you use and what camera would you recommend buying.

    Always, I have to fight back the urge to say… forget the camera, a better camera isn’t going to magically do anything!!! Knowing that this wouldn’t be a very sociable response. I gently advise that the “best camera”… is the one, your actually going to use.

    I think we can all agree… left to it’s own devises, a camera, can do little else other than to collect dust.

  • Cole Thompson Says:

    Anyone would laugh at the idea that a stove makes for a great meal, and yet we always seem to battle perception that it’s the camera that makes the image. Why is that?

  • Laird Says:

    Cole, my response to your asking “Why is that?” would be, because that is what people want to believe.

    Everyone wants a magic bullet, a short-cut… anything that won’t require work or time. Why invest either, if you can simply BUY it.

    You know, I know and your readers know… it’s not that easy.

  • vered Says:

    Well said Laird!

  • Laird Says:

    Thank you Vered.

    I especially appreciate it, because I know of the high regard Cole has for you and for your opinions.

    Well Wishes…

  • vered Says:

    Thank you Laird.
    I have known Cole and his work for 8 years and I always thought that he is a wonderful and sensitive artist!
    I am delighted and proud he is so appreciated and doing so well!

  • Robyn Says:

    Gorgeous image and fabulous story! Love it!

  • Janell Mithani Says:

    Beautiful photograph and I LOVE this post!

  • Marge Pangione Says:

    Cole, I purchased my new camera in order to have two when out shooting. One with my long lens and a charged up battery and another (same brand and similar features) in order to switch gears. One on the tripod and one around my neck in a sling. I am ready for anything that presents itself!


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