May 11 2017

New “Dunes of Nude” Images in Newsletter No. 99

I’ve just sent out Newsletter No. 99 with ten new “Dunes of Nude” images.

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Apr 14 2017

Newsletter No. 98 with Six New Images

Sierra Wave

I’ve just published Newsletter No. 98 which introduces six new images, including “Sierra Wave” above.

“Sierra Wave” was created just to the east of Mt Whitney, the dark peak just right of center. A Sierra wave is a cloud that is formed when strong winds from the west hold the cloud front at bay, often forming interesting structures such as this one.

Along with this image, I’ve introduced five new “Ancient Stones” images from the Alabama Hills, which is located at the base of these mountains. 

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Nov 4 2016

Newsletter No. 95 is Out!


Issue No. 95 of my newsletter is out with a number of new images, are you subscribed?

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Mar 31 2016

Fifty New Images

2016-1-7 dunes of nude no 146 - final 3-28-2016 1000

I’ve just released fifty new images from my recent trip to Death Valley, including “Dunes of Nude No. 146” above  

They are included in my April 1st, 2016 Newsletter  

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Oct 9 2015

Newsletter No. 70 and 22 New Images from Oregon

2015-9-19 Monolith No 94 - Final 10-4-2015 1000


I’m home from Oregon and am introducing 22 new images in my newsletter.

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Jun 4 2015

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2009-1-14 Opposition - Final 2-1-2009 1000Opposition – La Jolla Cove – 2009

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Feb 13 2015

2/13/2015 Newsletter, Moai Standing

2015-1-1 Ahu Anakena No 2 - Final 2-12-2015 1000


I’ve just published my latest newsletter which has the first of three sets of images from Easter Island. The first group are “Moai Standing.”

The other two groups will be released via my newsletter over the next two weeks.

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P.S. It’s Friday the 13th!


Aug 29 2014

Five New Images From Hawaii

2014-7-13 Hana - Final 8-16-2014 1000 (1)

My latest newsletter features five new images from Hawaii.  

I also discuss the challenges of photographing while on vacation.

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Nov 30 2013

Newsletter No. 60

2013-10-19 They Walk Among Us - Final 11-28-2013 1000They Walk Among Us


I’ve returned from Bandon, Oregon with 12 new images that I’m introducing in my latest newsletter.

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These are two of my favorites from the series.


2013-10-19 Monolith No 68 - Final 11-27-2013 1000Monolith No. 68

May 25 2013

New Images Introduced

2013-5-10 Peterhof Trees 1 - Final 5-24-2013 750


I’ve just introduced several new images that I’ve created in California, Ohio, Russia and Croatia.  You can see them in my most recent newsletter.  

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