Photographer’s Forum Spring 2017

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    Cole, I thank you from the bottom of my heart; You are one of the best; I know you will think of this old man, wish I was with you doing what I love, Sad part about it I know I will never be able to run the OUT BACKS again, I promised to you ; I WOULD NOT QUIT!! WHEEL-CHAIR, WITH A HARD DESIRED I’ve CREATED SOME WONDERFUL Micro Shots from my Back Yard, places where I feel safe to be on; lot of things going on in my basement. I WANT GIVE-UP!!! TOO HARD HEADED AND TO DUMB TO BE DEFETEATED!!!

  • Jim Bean Says:

    Congrats, Cole! Beautiful cover image!

  • BA Brittingham Says:

    As always, impressive!

  • Perry Resnick Says:

    Fabulous cover photo and a late congrats on the LensWork issue!
    All the best,
    Perry Resnick

  • Laird Bindrim Says:

    Good stuff… love and hate you at the same time! That’s a compliment. Wishes for continued success.

  • Irene A Says:

    Cole, I’ve been a follower of your blog for years now. Love your imagery, and the one above is, as always, exceptional. Congratulations on your cover!

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