I’m Coming to Portland! October 21st, 2013

2013-9-7 Monolith No 62c(Monolith No. 62 – Iceland – 2013)


Hello Portland, I’m coming to visit you!  

While visiting this great city, I’ll be giving a presentation at the Portland Photographer’s Forum and I hope you can join us. Here’s the details:

Monday, October 21st, 2013 at 7 pm
Hosted by the Portland Photographer’s Forum
Free Admission 
Topic:  Why Black and White?
Camerawork Gallery
Peterson Hall
2255 NW Northrup Street
Portland, OR  97210

Please arrive early enough to find parking and be seated by 7.  After the presentation I’ll take questions and raffle off a few posters and prints.

If you’re in the area, I’d love to see you!


P.S. Money-back guarantee: If you don’t have a great time, every penny of your free admission will be refunded!

7 Responses to “I’m Coming to Portland! October 21st, 2013”

  • MG Biondo Says:

    Portland is so lovely. Do you ever get to Carmel?

  • Harry H Marsh Says:

    On my calendar, it will be good to see you again Cole! Harry

  • nate parker Says:

    Hi Cole. I forgot to ask, did you go about capturing all of your Iceland shots in jpeg? 🙂
    Happy Sunday Sir.
    Just having a chuckle.

  • Mark Olwick Says:

    So close, and yet so far. I’d be there in a heartbeat but I have a product launch that will take the 21st and 22nd. Ugh!


  • Sam Blair Says:

    Cole, I’m writing from my laptop, camping out on the sidewalk, in the line to hear your talk. And it’s only the 13th! I thought it was a new Apple product launch. Badda Boom.

    Seriously, great news you’re coming to the land of bumper stickers that say “Keep Portland Weird”.

    Looking forward to hearing and seeing you there!


  • Misha Says:

    Really like this image, great addition to the Monoliths portfolio!

  • Keith Says:

    I got excited for a second! I thought you were referring to Portland Maine.

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