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2014-2-1 Dunes of Nude 85 - Final 2-26-2014 1000Dunes of Nude No. 85


My latest newsletter is out with new images from Death Valley, Trona Pinnacles, the Alabama Hills and Manzanar.

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3 Responses to “Newsletter Available”

  • Robyn Says:

    Incredible! I love the drama and sensuality of this photograph. Truly awesome!

  • Bob Munro Says:

    Hi Cole,
    Great images as usual! I especially loved the Dunes of Nude series almost as much for the fun I imagined you had while shooting them. I found myself hiking around the dunes looking for the scenes and waiting for the light, but also being careful not to leave footprints where they’d spoil things, and in general just being really excited by what I was seeing. Glad you invited me along that day!

  • Steve L Says:

    Just signed up, Cole.

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