Newsletter 100 – My Trip to the Faroe Islands and a New Portfolio

Faroe Islands No. 96


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4 Responses to “Newsletter 100 – My Trip to the Faroe Islands and a New Portfolio”

  • Lesliediana Says:

    The newsletter was so enjoyable to read. Thank you for sharing so much. Fingers crossed the Faroe Islands don’t go the way of Iceland. I haven’t ventured that way but my friends, while not disappointed in the images they get, are taken aback by the cost and the number of tourists/photographers they encounter. It makes me think of the present problem with the National Parks. Anyhoo, I digress.

  • Irene Professional Headshots Says:

    Love the “ethereal-ness” of this image!

  • Lesliediana Says:

    On Tuesday, the New York Times listed the Faroe Islands as a must 2018 destination. Sigh, guess it is going to go the way of Iceland. And in my comment from before, I realize that I meant to express my condolences. Take care.

  • Cole Thompson Says:

    This Wall Street Journal article is very sad news.

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