New “Dunes of Nude” Images in Newsletter No. 99

I’ve just sent out Newsletter No. 99 with ten new “Dunes of Nude” images.

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6 Responses to “New “Dunes of Nude” Images in Newsletter No. 99”

  • Mark Stevens Says:

    Your vision never ceases to amaze me!

  • Barbara Youngleson Says:

    Hypnotic black & white tones Cole. Love this series!


    Cole, I love the shadows on those dunes , I been posting a few old things I did 2004. I had a Hard-Drive to crash,, from 1998 up till— got feed up with Photoshop and computers, with all my equipment and schools I’ve been to; in Dark-Room/ Film bit ,, so you know all the rest, with-out further to say. I love those shadows!!!

  • Merilee Mitchell Says:

    Cole! As you know, I spent two weeks in Death Valley in February, extending my trip to attend Marta Becket’s memorial in Death Valley Junction. During that trip I really wanted to focus on Badwater as well as the dunes. One evening I became so entranced with the reflections of the moon and stars on the water that had accumulated on the surface of the salt flat, that suddenly I realized that it was dark and all of the other photographers had left. It was black. I had no clue where the parking lot was because I was a mile away from it in the middle of the flat. After a lot of walking and guessing and praying, watching the surface of the salt I finally found my way back, but it wasn’t easy. Death Valley is a place where people get lost frequently and the stories aren’t always good. When you’re out at night, it’s easy to become disoriented and then it goes all bad real fast. I’m glad you managed to get a text to your wife, but I’m sure she must have been very worried. BTW, this series of dunes you’ve created are really your finest! Your work is always a breath of fresh air 🙂

  • Jerry Jividen Says:

    Yes Cole, I studied all dune photos on your website and am now very thirsty and a bit disoriented : ) Beautiful lines, shadows and of course, visions of nudes in many images. Thank you again for spending time with me and my photo club and hope to see you again if ever in this neck of the woods. The photo you sent us is now in our gallery where many can marvel at your talent.

  • Mark Anderson Says:

    Hi Cole,
    This is eye candy for sure. I’m impressed. When I meet with you this fall I will be curios to see the focal length you prefer for images like this. Most are without a horizon line, and I have never been to White Sands, so I have no way to even guess how wide is the field of view. That, arguably, makes the images even more intriguing. One exception, which I find particularly appealing, is N0. 66 – Death Valley. This is wide, quite wide. (I might have to buy one.)


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