LensWork – The World’s Finest Photography Publication

Are you familiar with LensWork? I suspect that most of you are, but if you are not…

I consider LensWork to be the world’s finest photography publication. Why? Because of the quality of the artists they publish and because of the quality of the printing, it is spectacular! The quality is better than most of the photo books I’ve seen and I think ofttimes better than the original images.

I’m not a print expert, but I do have a pretty extensive and varied print background: I worked in my own darkroom since 1968, learned digital printing in 2004 and I was an offset print buyer in the 1980’s and worked extensively with Gardner-Fulmer Lithograph (where I would run into Ansel Adams doing press checks).

My point is that I know good printing and LensWork has amazing printing. Ask anyone who has ever seen a copy. 

To learn more about LensWork, you might start here: http://www.lenswork.com/lwq.htm

You can subscribe or you can pick up a copy in selected bookstores. However I should warn you that because LensWork is physically shorter than the other publications, it often gets lost in the crowd. So if you’re in a Barnes and Noble and you don’t see it, check behind the other Photo Magazines.

And if you do decide to subscribe, might I suggest that you do it before the October 2017 issue comes out? Consider this an omen of things to come…


P.S. Sometime I’d like to tell a couple of Ansel Adams stories, including how I came to have a print of “Aspens” hanging in my home. 



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  • Jeff Studley Says:

    Hey Cole, in reading this I had a WOA moment. I used to work as a pressman at Gardner Lithograph (post Gardner Fulmer). My Dad new both Dave and (can’t remember Mr. Fulmer’s first name) as he did a lot of work there as a graphic artist. I was there from 1988 – 1989 and did a lot of Ansel’s work – best job ever. I will look for LensWork next opportunity. Have a great day!

  • Cole Thompson Says:

    Jeff, that’s amazing! I was at Gardner Fullmer a lot during 78, 79 and 80. Orbie and I remained close friends until his death in 1997. After he died his wife gave me his favorite pen, made out of a fishing lure! I still have it sitting on my desk to remember him by.

    Orbie is who developed the FulTone laser scanning process. I’ve seen Dave say that Fultone referred to the word “full.” But my understanding through Orbie was that it stood for “Fulmer.” Since I was good friends with Orbie, I choose to believe that story!

    So you worked in the new building then, after Dave and Orbie split up? What press did you run?

    Was Cheryl Fulmer still selling for Dave then? Did you know Warren Fulmer?

    I haven’t heard about Dave in years, I expect he’s passed away by now? He was old back then!

  • Kim Murphy Says:

    Love Lenswork and the great work they share. Especially enjoyed seeing your work.

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