Jesus Christ Loves You

Jesus Loves You – San Francisco, CA – 2006

“Jesus Loves You” has been coming to this Market and Powell intersection for seven years. No preaching, no condemning, no judging.  Just patiently carrying this sign.

The day I took this picture, was one year to the day that I had first met him.

5 Responses to “Jesus Christ Loves You”

  • elaine Says:

    a classic but very well done! ur b&w are outsatanding

  • Courtney Says:

    Such a simple yet profound message.

  • Cole Says:

    Thanks Courtney, I was impressed with his quiet dedication. Thanks for visiting!

  • Jacqueline Baker Says:

    Hi Cole, nice to see you blogging LOL and thought i’d add to your collection of comments.

    I particulary like this image with the sense of rushing around in the background and the enduring message of love that he carries….such devotion is worthy of recognition and i think a good choice for one of your wonderful B&W’s.
    Good luck with your blogging!

    Jacqueline :0)

  • thompsoncd Says:

    Hi Jacqueline! How have you been and how are things “way over there?”

    Thanks for stopping by and for the comment!


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