New Images Introduced

2013-5-10 Peterhof Trees 1 - Final 5-24-2013 750


I’ve just introduced several new images that I’ve created in California, Ohio, Russia and Croatia.  You can see them in my most recent newsletter.  

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9 Responses to “New Images Introduced”

  • Jan Armor Says:

    Hi Cole,

    Another set of wonderful images. Love your work and the post. Will you be sharing some of your PS techniques at the workshop in Feb. In may just be worth a trip from RI.

    On another note, are you familiar with Josephine Sacabo’s work. Take a look at the video:

    It does inspire:


  • Kim Barton Says:


    I love your new work (of course!) and I get a kick out of the “Smile” series…love your sense of humor. Keep up the great work!


  • Anna Capaldi Says:

    My favorite of the Smile! series is the girl with the fuzzy hat – fabulous find she was!

  • Sam Blair Says:

    Hi Cole, What you do with dodging and burning is, for this red neck, like deep cleavage. I can’t take my eyes off of it. Particularly “Balance”; “Wedding Day”; “Lake Erie”, and “Dunes of Nude”.

    On the cover shot with 13 trees, I’ve never read about your shooting in pano. I assume that’s cropped to give it the pano look. Let me know if I’ve missed something. Sam

  • gerry toler Says:

    Mighty fine work, Cole.
    I especially like the pano of the trees.

  • Chuck Kimmerle Says:

    Really nice stuff, Cole.

  • Frank Says:

    Great ideas Cole. I love them all

  • Misha Gregory Macaw Says:

    Love those new ceiling lamps! Did you have to lie on your back in the subway station to get them?

  • Cole Thompson Says:

    Thanks Misha!

    No, the ceiling lamps were on high ceilings and I didn’t have to lay on the ground. Plus, if I would have done that, I’d have the cops all over me in seconds.

    I never could use a tripod in the subways and if I lingered at any shot too long, they were watching me. It’s a different world over there and on top their natural suspicions, they’ve had some subway bombings that have made them very nervous.

    I would love to do a year long study of their subways because they are so very interesting! But I’m not sure how you’d get permission to do something like that.

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