My Visit to the Northern California Coast

I recently visited the Northern California coast.  Part of me wanted to photograph there because so many of my photographic heroes have, and yet another part of me said: “What can I create that is better or different than what they have done?”

For me the answer was to go, to enjoy the beauty, to be inspired and to try!  I know that this coastline still has many famous images to give, but only to those who have the eyes to see them.  Every place, no matter how small or mundane, has great images to give, so how much better to be in this beautiful place?

I did create several new images; some are conventional ones such as “Diminishing Cliffs” above, but my primary focus was to complete “The Lone Man” series.  I’ll be introducing some of those new images in my next newsletter, due out in about a week.

Another very enjoyable part of my trip was to have lunch with my friend and classic photographer Huntington Witherill.  He’s been in LensWork a few times and he creates in both b&w and color.  I love his work so much that I own two of his images, please check out his work.

This was a great trip.  If  you have a chance to visit this area, I’d recommend it as it’s both inspiring and a piece of photographic history.


11 Responses to “My Visit to the Northern California Coast”

  • Gary Says:

    Nice shot… I like the recurring shapes and the vanishing point perspective. And it has that “Cole moodiness” to the atmosphere too. The banding in the sky adds to the composition as well.

    I’m hoping to get my Singh Ray Vari-density for Christmas this year… we’ll see… may have to finance it myself!

  • Cole Says:

    Thanks Gary. I sure hope you’ve been a good boy and that Santa brings you one! It really is great fun to explore with the Singh-Ray.

  • Jeff Says:

    Hi Cole:
    Nice shot. If they others are of the same quality, they will be great additions to ‘The Lone Man’ series. Also, I like the way you have tied the last three topics together. From ‘What Inspires You?” then ‘The images I Create Look Nothing Like the Images I Shot’ and a example of putting it all together.

  • Larry Blackwood Says:

    Hanging out with another color photographer? We’re going to convert (or corrupt) you yet!

  • Cole Says:

    Ha, I thought of that Larry and wore cloves of garlic around my neck!

  • Lidija Ivanek Says:

    Like always, you make another one for us to enjoy 🙂
    Thank you to remind me on your friend Huntington. I like his style to, especially B&W.

  • Kerry Frank Says:

    Cole, great Image. I am also hoping Santa will bring me a new Singh Ray filter. We haven’t been to the Northern Calif. coast in a while and we are only a few hours away. I’m going to Las Cruces in January for a B&W printing class at Mesilla Digital Workshops.

  • Cole Thompson Says:

    Kerry: Mesilla is very nice and so is Paul and the folks down there. Have a great time and hopefully you’ll be taking the filter!

  • Kim Barton Says:

    I love Diminishing Cliffs! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas season, Cole!

  • Luigi Fulk Says:

    I’ve been reading a few posts and really and enjoy your writing. I’m just starting up my own blog and only hope that I can write as well and give the reader so much insight.

  • Sahen Says:

    I like the theme you use on here a lot, any chance of you sharing it?

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