Iceland No. 1

2013-9-7 Iceland No 1 - Final 9-26-2013 750Iceland No. 1  –  Berufjördður  – 2013


Iceland was incredible; the land, the people, the experiences…all of it including a harrowing ride in winds of over 130 mph. My car was severely damaged as flying rocks blew out my windows and sandblasted my car. At the time my only concern was keeping the car upright in the strongest winds I have ever encountered.

But what a great story and memories I now have!

I went to Iceland to create new images, but truthfully if all I came home with are these memories, then the trip was a success. Fortunately, I do think I’ll have a couple images that I like, including “Iceland No. 1” above.


On another note, the Death Valley Workshop in January is sold out. Sorry.

But if you’re living in the Colorado area, I am conducting a one day workshop on “Cole’s Rule of Thirds” at the Center for Fine Art Photography. This will be held on Saturday November 9th, 2013 and you can learn more about it at 

I’ll also be speaking at Click! Camera Club in Denver on Tuesday, October 1st at 6pm. They will be meeting at Englewood Camera, 5855 S. Broadway in Littleton, Colorado.

Thanks to all for your support!


6 Responses to “Iceland No. 1”

  • Roland Says:

    Great to have you back in one piece, Cole. Your words bring forth memories of my own Iceland experience – minus the extremely strong wind. But Iceland was one of those countries which showed me so clearly, why striving to have open senses long before having an open shutter is so important. First of, it is the memories and experiences that influence my future photography, not the shots I’ve taken. Secondly, really diving into the moment, becoming open, letting go the picture hunter mode and be a blank canvas, so the world can decide which picture to paint on me… this is what makes a difference in photography. This is what changes shots from being good mainstream handcraft and really personal statements.
    The great story and memories you now have is what will let ME enjoy many more great shots coming from you. 🙂
    Thanks and have a wonderful time!


  • nate parker Says:

    I have every intention to get there within the next 18 months. That’s a large window, but still pretty good I think. Ian Plant and Kurt Budlinger were over there sometime in the last month as well- you know those guys? Definitely a bucket list location- incredible and amazing seeming. Looking forward to see some more from you from there!

  • John Says:

    Cole, That is another great image you created. It is my desire to get over there one day. I am glad you survived the experience without too much damage. Our son was stationed there with the Air Force and just his snapshots look really interesting. A couple of years ago I had a frightening experience on the dunes in Death Valley. A gale force wind came out of nowhere just as the sun started to rise. I had everything to do to find my way back out of the dunes in the blowing sand. I was able to make one good exposure before I was completely blinded by the sand storm.

  • Kim Barton Says:

    Wonderful images, as always! I like how much variety you have in these. The church with the moon is my favorite, but they are all breathtaking! I hope you photographed your car after the wind storm!

  • Wayne Degan Says:

    Wow, you have some amazing photos on your site. great work

  • Says:

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