Edward Weston

From Ansel Adam’s Biography on his first meeting Edward Weston at Albert Bender’s home:

“After dinner, Albert asked Edward to show his prints.  They were the first work of such serious quality I had ever seen, but surprisingly I did not immediately understand or even like them; I thought them hard and mannered.  Edward never gave the impression that he expected anyone to like his work.  His prints were what they were.  He gave no explanations; in creating them his obligation to the viewer was completed.”

I love Weston’s work, but I love his attitude even more; he created for himself.


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  • mike weir Says:

    Hi, I just listed an Original Cole Weston Photograph on eBay and thought perhaps you may be interested. It is 16 X 20″, signed, and titled, “Punts, Les Quesnoy, France”. It is a very colorful photo and a great investment to say nothing of its beauty. The auction # is 350205917344. Thank you for your time. Dr Michael Weir

  • Cole Says:

    Thanks Mike!


  • osselin Says:

    The picture of a pepper by Weston is one of my favourites pictures in all-times

  • Cole Says:

    Osselin, that is a great image, one of his best in my opinion. The Nautilus Shell is fantastic too.

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