Death Valley Workshop Feb 3-8, 2014

2008-12-10 Death Valley Dune - Final 7-7-2011 750

 I love the California desert.

2012-1-14 Dune Detail No 43 - Final 1-27-2012 750

I go there every year to photograph.  

2011-1-11 Road to Nowhere - Final 1-23-2010 750

I love the stark beauty.

2013-1-19 Dunes of Nude No 57 - Final 2-18-2013 750

The changing conditions.

2008-12-10 Time No 2 - Final 12-22-2008 750

I love the variety.

2012-1-14 Charcoal Kilns - Final 1-27-2012 750

I love the solitude.

2011-1-11 Borax Summit - Final 1-23-2011 750

I love almost everything about it

(well, between the months of  November and February that is!)

2011-1-11 Zabriestki Point - Final 1-23-2010 750

And so I’m happy to announce that John Barclay and Dan Sniffin have invited me to join them on their February 2014 Tour/Workshop to three of California’s premier desert locations.

2013-2-23 Death Valley Mountains 1g

We will be focusing on three incredible areas: the Mesquite dunes in Death Valley, Trona Pinnacles and the Alabama Hills.

2013-1-19 Watched 1 - Final 2-18-2013 750

Here is information on the workshop and the website where you can sign up. 

2013-1-19 Ancient Stones 12 750

I hope to see a few friendly faces there!

2013-1-19 Dunes of Nude No 55 - Final 2-18-2013 750

5 Responses to “Death Valley Workshop Feb 3-8, 2014”

  • Chris Maskell Says:

    Looks fantastic Cole and I would love to join you, but it’s a little far from London.

    I would, however, like to wish you all the best in this venture.

  • Sheldon Morton Says:

    Amazing images Cole!! Sounds like a wonderful workshop……….

  • Sam Blair Says:

    I was ready to sign up today, knowing you would teach, till I got to the price. I had to blink and refocus. I’m not suggesting in any way the value wouldn’t be there for the $1600.00 tuition. But I’ve taken a couple other week-longs for about $1000, (Sam Abell, Alan Ross, Susan Burnstine). And, it’s not a small, intimate group with 14 max all shooting the same location. However, I sincerely hope this one sells out, as the others have. I’m sure it will be a great experience, but that’s my honest feedback.

    Cole, do some yourself, and I’ll be among the first to join.

  • Anna Capaldi Says:

    Trying to contain my excitement about this – I’m talking Dream Team, I’m talking ROCK STARs, like what did I ever do right in my life to deserve THIS awesomeness??? Suddenly, February cannot get here soon enough!!!

  • John Barclay Says:

    Anna, CALM down! 🙂 Seriously, glad you’re excited. We are too.

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