Why is there so much cancer around us?  Is there really an increase in cancer rates or is it just talked about more?  Is it safe to microwave plastic ware?  Does organic food really help to prevent cancer?

I have so many friends, family members and associates with cancer that I ask myself these and many other questions.  Yes, we’ve improved the treatments for cancer, but it so often seems to come back.  Our treatments don’t seem to be addressing the root causes of the disease.

When I was a teen in 1971 we declared war on cancer, I think 20 years was the goal.  It’s been almost 40 years now and the cure still seems to elude us.

I had the chance to photograph a friend who has cancer, had a masectomy and is undergoing treatment.  These photographs are about the human side of the disease.

This portfolio is entitled “Linnie, a Portrait of Cancer.”

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