The Beatles, Las Vegas, Death Valley and Three New Images

2013-2-23 Time No. 4b

What do The Beatles, Las Vegas, Death Valley and three new images all have in common? 

I often cite The Beatles as being one of my photographic inspirations. Not because I grew up with them and love their music, but because I admired how they never “froze in time” in a futile attempt to remain popular. Rather, they flaunted conventional wisdom and would change styles at the height of their popularity. As I  listen to their music I am in turn inspired to grow,  change and to stay fresh by trying new things. 

So what has that to do with this story? Well for Christmas my wife surprised me and purchased tickets to The Beatles LOVE by Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas. The seats could not have been better, the production was unbelievable and the music was…well…it was the Beatles!  

We then decided to stay a few extra days in Las Vegas to celebrate our wedding anniversary and Valentine’s Day.  The question was what to do with our extra time? We decided to head off to Death Valley so I could show her some of my haunts and so she, a runner, could run at 285 feet below sea level see what it felt like to be Superman!

While she was out running I was very anxious to have another go at Death Valley, but this time capturing my images as RAW files rather than puny JPEG’s!  (see my last several posts for the full story).  While there I did create Time No. 4 above, which is a new addition to my “Time” series and the two images below.  


2013-2-23 Death Valley Mountains 1g 2013-2-23 Dunes of Nude No 85b


The Beatles, Las Vegas, Death Valley and three new images, how can life get any better than this?


13 Responses to “The Beatles, Las Vegas, Death Valley and Three New Images”

  • Kris Darrington Says:

    Love the story and the new pictures!!!!

  • Chris Maskell Says:

    The quality of light and the way you have employed it is outstanding. Especially like the last one

  • Laird Says:

    …lovin’ Time No.4

  • Sam Blair Says:

    To my eye,how can post processing get any better than this?

    The ridge tops on photo #1 create incredible contrast and highlight the strong graphics. Number 3 is an incredibly sensuous take on the Mesquite dunes, again with terrific graphics and contrast with the dark sky.

    This is quintessential Weston: capturing an ordinary subject in an extraordinary way. Wow!

  • Chuck Kimmerle Says:

    All three photos are great, but your vision of the dunes is spectacular. Funny how we all those piles of sand so differently.

  • Misha Gregory Macaw Says:

    Wow, these three are all standouts! I’ll put in a word for number two, I love how the space in the frame is divided with complimentary textures in each region. Glad you were able to get back and shoot some RAW frames!

  • Gittan Beheydt Says:

    Outstanding and breathtaking work Cole!

  • John Barclay Says:

    So glad you convinced your wife that another trip to DV was in order…. Great work as usual Mr. Cole. We had a great workshop with Chuck Kimmerle last week in DV. He was a GREAT guest instructor. He has nothing by admiration for you BTW. I believe I heard him say, “I’m channeling Cole Thompson”. It was a funny moment.

  • Benoit Jansen-Reynaud Says:

    Beautiful work Cole, so glad you were able to go back, this is outstanding…. Beautiful…

  • Lizz Bartlett Says:

    Sounds like you hit the trifecta! Twice!

  • Mark Olwick Says:

    Outstanding, Cole. On all counts.

  • Steve L Says:

    Great work, Cole.
    And, glad to see your feed is working again!

  • hakkasan Says:

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