Aug 23 2012

Death Valley Video – A Hint of Something to Come

Here’s a new video featuring my Death Valley images. They will be appearing somewhere special in the near future. 

Click Here to Watch the Video

Here’s a hint; it’s a black and white publication.


Oct 28 2011

Cole Thompson Portfolio Video

2009-6-25 Lone Man No 20 - Final 4-21-2014 1000

I’ve just created a short video to introduce people to the diversity of my portfolios.

Over the years I’ve been advised to pick just one subject and work to become known for that.  However that approach has never appealed to me and I’ve always enjoyed pursuing a variety of subjects and styles.  I have always believed that you must do what you feel and love because in the end your opinion of your work is really all that matters.

Feb 4 2011

New YouTube Channel and Videos

I’ve just created a new “Cole Thompson Photography” YouTube channel.  Here you can see all of my videos in one place and if you subscribe, you’ll be notified when new videos come out.  To subscribe, please follow this link and hit the “Subscribe” button at the top of the page:

I’ve also just posted three new videos based on the images from my Lone Man and Monolith portfolios and one covering the new images from my 2/4/2011 Newsletter.  You can see these here:

The Lone Man


2/4/2011 Newsletter

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You might wonder why I’m creating these videos?  There are a few reasons;

  • It’s a different way to reach different people, those who may not normally visit a photographer’s website.
  • The images often have more impact when viewed together as a group and with great music.
  • It’s a lot of fun to create these, using your favorite music and experimenting with different transitions.
  • It’s a good way to build traffic to your website and to improve your SEO.

What do I mean by SEO or Search Engine Optimization?  Go to Google and type in “b&w fine art photography” and tell me what you see.

Thank you everyone for your support and comments, I do appreciate it!