Aug 29 2014

Five New Images From Hawaii

2014 7 13 Hana Final 8 16 2014 1000 1 Five New Images From Hawaii

My latest newsletter features five new images from Hawaii.  

I also discuss the challenges of photographing while on vacation.

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Nov 30 2013

Newsletter No. 60

2013 10 19 They Walk Among Us Final 11 28 2013 1000 Newsletter No. 60They Walk Among Us


I’ve returned from Bandon, Oregon with 12 new images that I’m introducing in my latest newsletter.

Read the newsletter here

These are two of my favorites from the series.


2013 10 19 Monolith No 68 Final 11 27 2013 1000 Newsletter No. 60Monolith No. 68

May 25 2013

New Images Introduced

2013 5 10 Peterhof Trees 1 Final 5 24 2013 750 New Images Introduced


I’ve just introduced several new images that I’ve created in California, Ohio, Russia and Croatia.  You can see them in my most recent newsletter.  

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Nov 24 2012

New Issue of My Newsletter

Why do I have a newsletter and a blog?  

My newsletter is where I introduce new images and in this issue I am introducing new work from Oregon, Hawaii and San Francisco.  

My blog is where I talk about my views, my techniques and my philosophies.  I try not to do that in the  newsletter because many of my readers are not photographers.

So, here is the most recent issue of my newsletter:

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Feb 2 2012

New Images Being Introduced Next Friday, February 10th

I’ll be introducing several new images from my recent Death Valley trip this next Friday, February 10th.  I always introduce my new images in my Newsletter, are you signed up?  It’s the fastest and easiest way to keep up to date with my latest images.


Feb 4 2011

New YouTube Channel and Videos

I’ve just created a new “Cole Thompson Photography” YouTube channel.  Here you can see all of my videos in one place and if you subscribe, you’ll be notified when new videos come out.  To subscribe, please follow this link and hit the “Subscribe” button at the top of the page:

I’ve also just posted three new videos based on the images from my Lone Man and Monolith portfolios and one covering the new images from my 2/4/2011 Newsletter.  You can see these here:

The Lone Man


2/4/2011 Newsletter

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You might wonder why I’m creating these videos?  There are a few reasons;

  • It’s a different way to reach different people, those who may not normally visit a photographer’s website.
  • The images often have more impact when viewed together as a group and with great music.
  • It’s a lot of fun to create these, using your favorite music and experimenting with different transitions.
  • It’s a good way to build traffic to your website and to improve your SEO.

What do I mean by SEO or Search Engine Optimization?  Go to Google and type in “b&w fine art photography” and tell me what you see.

Thank you everyone for your support and comments, I do appreciate it!